1 January 2013, Trinity @ 1:27 pm

… all the best to all of you who read this, fans, members, surfers who just happened to find this site through google, crossdressers, transvestites and satin fetishists. I have been a very bad girl … i did not post much, in fact much less than i ever did. I neglected my blog but not on purpose and i feel bad for it. this will change in 2013 .. i promise. Thing is i am not a super-social-network kind of person. I would not like to twitter every time i go to the toilet, have a glass of water, eat something etc. like some cherish those things. I like stories and i feel like writing something when there is something to tell. Lately there has been a lot going on in my life and work but from now on i rather post more frequent and shorter updates on my blog than keep some waiting for months. I have been very busy with new fetish clothing, perfect for fetish queens like me as well as for larger women (also fetish queens of course), crossdressers and transvestites. There are many more items in my transvestite clothing and satin fetish clothing shop www.like-a-lady.com and i finally started making some items on my own. I´ll keep you updated and yes, of course there much more new stuff about TRINITY.  Here some examples of some awesome new vinyl and satin clothing:

satin and vinyl fetish clothing

satin and vinyl fetish clothing

the kitty is back
12 July 2012, Trinity @ 7:07 am

so ladies (?) and gentlemen, boys and gurls. first of all i was VERY ill – i had bacteria food poisoning and i was down for more than 4 weeks. very awful and nasty, i thougt i´d never get over this. So as usual there is a lot to catch up with for me, i am shortly launching my own small clothing line for sexy ladies (of all gender), sissies and crossdressers. Of course i will be wearing the things like satin dresses and blouses myself.

But that´s not what i want to talk about right now, i´d rather like to show you a very recent picture of a soft and silky kitty that has just returned 🙂

this is my MUMU - my silky soft satin pussy

this is my MUMU – my silky soft satin pussy

yes … this picture has been taken by myself shortly after punishing myself in the bathroom because i did NOT shave – i waxed my sexy BUSH.

for all of you who are now about to cry about the gone mature pussy hair i can assure you – winter season will come soon enough again and then its time again for sexy mature pussy hair. Right now its damn hot and i feel more comfortable like this and i know i got a sexy thick pussy to show off so for now i am showing off my kitty again.

I loved my bush on many occasions like sexy MILF / mature shoots and videos, along with the right sophisticated, sometimes formal clothing it is very sexy to see a ladies bush rather than a naked pussy. What i like most about my bushy pussy is that there is not just thick hair, you can always see my sexy lips … beef curtains as i have just been told in an email 🙂

For sure even the doubters and bush-haters started to love my bush, i only had very few who said they absolutely dont like the hair. I know you loved my pussy bald for many years so i dont think i will loose fans now, right 😉

and as i said … the bush will be back AND there is still some updates of very very sexy HOT BUSH MILF in sexy clothes updates due to post in my members area. Actually i still have 2 sets and movies on hold from which i think they are the most awesome i shot in ages.

stay tuned.



19 October 2011, Trinity @ 4:23 am

i am lookign for models and customer gallery models for my shop www.like-a-lady.com . I know that a lot of fans and clients are reading my blog, no matter what sexual orientation, satin fetishists, crossdressers,  t-girls, sissies and transgender so i wanted to adress my quest for models here within a post also. For details how to show yourself off please visit the link for details:


and everybody .. please keep in mind that while hopefully everyone here is a TRINITY fan i am pretty sure that everyone around here has satin, silk, blouse, CFNM and whatnot fetish … some adress this by buying sexy things for their loved one, some just enjoy internet fetish porn, others are living their fetish through crossdressing, they might be sissies trained by a mistress … whatever.

My site, blog and shop is what i call gender friendly and open to all kind of sexual orientations as long as noone gets hurt against their will 🙂

AND in case you have not already tried out how sexy and gorgeous wearing and feeling high qualtiy satin clothing really is … maybe my current offer helps you decide:



New satin fetish / smoking youtube clip
16 September 2011, Trinity @ 5:38 am

hey there.

for those of you who do not check all my other links and sites – you may have not yet seen the most recent youtube teaser clip. So i am embedding it here too.

Enjoy ! and hopefully if you have not been a member so far all those sexy teasers will make you join one day 😉




my NEW FaceBook account
6 September 2011, Trinity @ 6:42 pm

Hey everybody. just to let you know its a real busy time for right now because with the economy not being too good and all I have to look at some options and work on some ideas these days like possibly establishing my own TRINITY fetish fashion line for sexy satin loving women, sissies and crossdressers in my shop www.like-a-lady.com

And now FaceBook cancelled my account … yes, like i got all the time in the world thinking about new aliases and rebuild all content.

Anyway whoever has already been a friend of mine or wants to befriend me now please use my new account



satin strapon nurse

satin strapon nurse


8 July 2010, Trinity @ 7:08 am

…. don´t start … i know and people started complaining already about the lack of postings here recently and it seems the more i promise to take care of that the less time i find. If just the week had 8 days or something… BUT i keep shooting a lot of stuff and there is a lot to come. I bought so many different clothing i dont know where to start … there is new shiny leggings that i like a lot recently … more of that frilly sissy crossdress apparel that i sell in my store and that fortunately also comes in small and regular female sizes.

and why not ? – the blouses, skirts, dressup and makeup within the crossdress and transgender scene is just awesome. It seems that those “ladies” just know better how to be a real lady. I just love that clothing. Also the satin sissy dresses but still i did not afford one myself. If anyone is willing to donor i am really wishing for a shocking pink sissy doll dress to shoot with.

anyway – i love playing different sexy characters but my hardest struggle mostly is to decide wether to dress up as a slutty office bitch or the buttoned up mature teacher character. They are both so sexy for their different style of clothing.

Since there was so much feedback recently about the “no-bra-under-blouse and “show-your-nipples” issue here is a sneek-a-peek into an outfit i used for shooting HD movie and photo set.

I am selling that skirt in my store www.kinkywear.de and its called BOSS BITCH SKIRT … there is also a matching BOSS BITCH BLOUSE but i used another nipple-pressing shiny satin blouse and something for you stockings lovers out there.


LOADS of nipples and blouse details and closeups … slow unbuttoning action … big tits in blouse POV and upskirt stuff that you´ll love …


…. along with some other details and closeups 🙂


i just love that pose with the butt sticking out and tits slightly showing or bulging over the open top buttons of a blouse … i don´t just love that on me !