Look at my new stash of shiny, slinky satin and silk fetish clothing
9 March 2009, Trinity @ 8:22 am


i just wanted to show what my stash of satin blouses, sexy silk blouses, shiny tops, gorgeous skirts, pretty miniskirts, some long formal skirts and many more. All sexy shiny clothing mad of sexy shiny satin and silk and other slinky, and soft materials.

I always keep those items – that i have not worn for shoots yet – outside my wardrobe and closets so i keep having an overview what to wear next.

I may have already had sex in some of those fetish outfits and sexy clothing and seriously, sometimes when i get back from shopping i just cant help myself but try some stuff or whole shiny outfits on and model it formayself, menaing that i mostly end up masturbating in it or at least tickling my clit a bit while touching myself and feeling my boobs covered with the shiny sexy satin fabric.

This way i get quite productive and have new ideas coming up what to wear what for …. so stay tuned

lots sexy shiny satin fetish clothing

lots of sexy shiny satin fetish clothing

BRA or no BRA ?
18 December 2008, Trinity @ 11:23 am

there is one thing i always wanted to know amongst some others – how do you prefer a lady to wear her blouses – with a bra underneath or without a bra ? I would like to hear from you about it PLEASE !

For me in most cases i love to wear no bra for many reasons. With a tight top or blouse i just love the nipple effect and because the boobs appear to be even fuller. Its the same with other ladies that i like to watch and admire. With a more loose fit blouse i love to unbutton it a bit which enhances the swaying and bouncing of the tits when i walk or other ladies walk, also there is always a good chance to get a glimpse at the boobies when bending forwards. BUT with while blouses, mostly silk ones i love to wear black lace bras underneath because the different colour and rough edges of the lace gets visible underneath. White and other colours too. With a modern cut blouse that does not button up all the way, with a V-neck cleavage i love too see a bra underneath also those ones are suited perfectly for just exposing the tits bare naked without a bra.

Well, – let me know what you think about it yourself !