satin ripping fetish
12 March 2009, Trinity @ 6:30 pm

wow – actually pretty amazing: you may have read my post some time ago about satin ripping requests, about the 2 members and fans that sent me lots of sexy beautiful satin and shiny fetish clothing like tight shiny satin blouses, sexy short satin skirts, lots of saexy satin and silk lingerie and many more … all with the reuqest to wear it in a sexy way and then rip and shred it in a even meaner way. I did some shoots like that already before like when i was riding a dildo getting all hot and furious i ripped an old brown coloured shiny satin blouse into pieces because i liked the way my tits fell out of the holes i ripped into the fabric. Well, it turns out that more and more guys are writing me how much they like it and enjoy it and i already did some more shoots and movies as you may have read. Today i received another email with an offer from a guy who´d like to shop sexy clothign for me – wants me to use it and abuse it. We´ll see what he has cumming for me, huh ?

Today i posted another ride on my kinky monkey rocker sex machine. I ride it in style with all my jewelry and pearlchains on, in shiny stockings and a mid lenght sexy shiny red satin babydoll gown.

Well, it´s one of the “ripping guy´s” satin negligees so in the end i ended it and the satin lingerie was torn into pieces 🙂



27 December 2008, Trinity @ 7:07 pm

hello fetish world, members and fans.

a late merry christmas and an early healthy and prosperous 2009 from me, trinity, your satin and nylon SEX and fetish MILF.

I wish i could post a nice sexy santa picture of me in tight shiny red satin blouse, short white satin skirt, sexy red stockings and fuck me patent pumps .. something like that but unfortunately i was sick in bed for days. no shoot, no regular work, no work on my trinity clothed sex fetish website possible.

but i am back – hopefully for good and i will start shooting new kinky stuff these days. Living in a very sunny country i may be able to do some supershiny outdoor satin and pantyhose stuff these days, along with HD fetish videos in public … some peeing outdoors in new shiny satin capripants i bought, i have many satin and nylon ripping fetish requests and i plan to do some of that outdoors. there have been a lot of satin ripping fetih requests recently and one member was so kind to send me a box of kinky shiny stuff, all kind of blouses, skirts, blazers, jackets, stockings, lingerie and many more and he wants me to rip it all and tear it in pieces. that´ll be fun because i did not have to pay for the nice things 🙂

anyway … i am healthy again, unfortunately my female dog cookie is not. she had a severe liver surgery some days ago for liver tumors. good ones though but still i am very worried.

so i could not take a third dog in from a shelter as i was planning so far … have to wait a bit.