23 May 2010, Trinity @ 10:41 am

Hey there everybody. I received a lot of requests recently for tigh pants / lycra pants / vinyl leggins type of shoot. Those shiny sexy butt enhancing pants are quite in fashion these days and i always loved them. With my kind of fetish and the urge to always play around with my clitty while being dressed my choice mostly is SKIRTS because i can just reach underneath them or hike them up. But maybe you remember my legendary satin pants video where i was dressed up tightly in a complete satin outfit with waist chincher and all and did not open up any button or undress anyhting and just stimulated my swollen clit through the pants until i literally exploded.

Well, here´s something for your who requested. A lycra leggins and fashionable as i am i im combining them with a huge strapon rubber cock which emphasizes my butt even more.

Shall i fuck you int the ass ?

Shall i fuck you int the ass ?

And if you are into jerk-off instructiosn and want to hear stuff like “shall i fuck you in the ass with that?” THEN you finally have to JOIN my site and wath the HD video.

Of course i am also wearing a kinky blouse – a satin puff sleeve matron blouse with bowtie.




kinky satin panties for sale
22 February 2010, Trinity @ 8:51 pm

Hey all – this is going to be surprise post in many ways.

First of all another teaser to show you my exceptional full-satin-fetish-domme style that you are missing when you still not are a member to my site

Sexy shiny clothing, mostly satin and silk, along with shimmery nylon and pantyhose … ALONG with lots of kinky and naughty XXX fun.

So i get asked a lot if i am willing to sell an item – preferably worn. Well, since i love all my clothing i only do this occasionally when people buy me something that they send me to wear and use and then return it.

The question i get asked all the time over all the years – even when i was wearing and modeling “regular” satin and silk clothing is “WHERE DO YOU BUY THOSE SEXY CLOTHES, SKIRTS AND BLOUSES”

Since i wear that super kinky satin fetish clothing, like matron blouses, satin puff sleeve teachers blouse, laced up hobble skirts, satin biss bitch skirts etc. i get asked that question even more.

Now its not just satin fetishists who mostly want to purchase the one or other item for their wives or girlfriends – i always had a growing fanbase within the crossdress scene and i am aware of a lot of hetero men who crossdress in sexy satin clothing. Satin and silk sissies and slaves, adult babies, gay and non-gay transvestites, transgenders etc. Also the average man who has a kinky for satin and pantyhose, whose wife or girlfriend unfortunately does not share that fetish and who just want to give it a try to wear those sexy fabrics themselves.

Well, many questions and requests … one post .. all the answers !

Here we go

… pay attention you little boys, sluts and shiny princesses !

The ruffle blouse matron demands silence and to pull out your cocks to stroke them nice and slow for MISS TRINITY


Within this set and HD video i am panty-less at first underneath my free bottom lace up satin pencil skirt and after giving you a teasy sneek a peek up my snatch when i pull up my skirts front zipper, i introduce you to a VERY hot and kinky satin panty.


Shiny satin knickers with lots of fine lace. With front hole and rear hole, both surrounded and framed by pretty black lace ruffles.

So i put on that kinky panties which i bought about 1 or 2 numbers too tall for me and which should also fit a 38-44 .

buy this kinky satin fetish and crossdress panty

buy this kinky satin fetish and crossdress panty

this is because the leg openings are super-stretchy and the panties themselves are very “full”

So if you are just curious how nasty i get with those holes you have to join and see the set and wathc the masturbation video.

BUT you can also OWN that exact panties with the front hole stained a bit with my pussy juices after i had a vibrator sliding in and out that hole and snatch.

If you are a crossdressing fan than its even more value because traraaaa .. yes, the front hole is for a cock going through and the back hole … well, use your imagination.

So this is the great opportunity now for a collecting fan who wants something personal from me, as well as  for someone who wants a kinky surprise for his female partner to be mounted through 2 holes in one panty … as well as for the crossdressing fan who wants enjoy having his dick stick through a panty that i worn and drenched for him.

All you have to do is to send me an email at with the reference being “MY PANTY BID”

We start at 100 US dollars which also includes a 3 months membership to my site.

I collect bids until MARCH 15th 2010 and i will inform the winner.

Send me your bid what you would be willing to pay for it !

…. and now the answer to the question where to buy that satin, silk and pvc fetish fashion in regular sex divas sizes as well as crossdressing oversizes and custom sizes.

GET A SATIN LOVERS DELIGHT (and lots more) AT (in german and english)

(spanish version)

have fun !



”Jerk off!” command
6 February 2010, Trinity @ 6:29 am

hey there … i love my new hairstyle i am wearing since quite some months now. Well for every woman its time for a little change of her looks every once in a while. Anyway that´s much more ME than before, it just took me so long to take the step with my hair. What has also changed recently that i found a very kinky way to combine music and dancing with my fetish sex site. When i do solo stuff its not just clothed sex and masturbation anymore its groteque burlesque filthy dirty dancing now 🙂

I LOVE IT and i just get OFF along with loud and hard music. I bet you have to search very long to find a stripper shaking and moving it THAT way while being dressed and partially undressing THAT way. That is a promise. Since i have my payslaves i also found out how much in enjoy taking command and being a bit rude too … the satin mistress type.

I just finished producing lots of new stuff with AWESOME real fetish wear. Blouses with bowties, tight viny hobble skirts, lots of sexy kinky satin and silk clothing that is also made for crossdressers, satin maids and sissies in larger sizes too. Very soon i will let you know where to buy all the sexy satin and silk fetish wear too. Not only for real satin queens like me but also for the larger ladies and wannabe princesses 🙂



I just posted a set with this absolutely fabulous fetish teacher bowtie puff sleeve blouse and shiny hobble skirt where i demand you to jerk off with many jerk off commands. In the movie i do that too by yelling at you to jerk it nice and slowat first and then harder and faster to cum on my shiny ass which you can actually see POV.

Lots of good stuff to CUM !