Hello peeps, my dear crossdressers, fetish lovers, trannies, adult babies, sissies, SUBs and mistresses, gurls and gals etc .
3 September 2017, Trinity @ 7:19 am

HELLO PEEPS .. all you girls, gals and gurls and of course guys who are into them.

governess Trinity and like-a-lady your fetish clothing online shop for crossdressing, transvestites, sissies, adult baby, tgirls etc.

it´s me – Trinity … sleeping beauty is back after a little slumber and i like to welcome all you princesses, sissies, adult babies, crossdressers, transvestites, mistresses and governesses, dominas and fetish queens, biological women, tgurls … everyone who is into dressing up and has a thing for sexy clothing. it stays the same here – it is still about sexy clothing made of shiny satin, pvc and leatherette and your fetish for those, it is still about clothed sex fetish roleplay or the things you enjoy for yourself in private when you dress up as the sexy female you are or that you want to be. but from now on it will be more about you as well and i would be really happy if you check back frequently for information and comment about clothing, product ideas and new items in my shop, looking at sexy customers i am going to introduce here along with their sexy outfits, to share your opinion, criticism etc.  This blog will be about you and your possbily most important thing in your (secret) fetish life – your wardrobe or closet, feminine clothing, me and my shop and articles. enjoy!

XXX, Trinity

sexy satin fetish, crossdressing, sissy and transvestite shopping
21 April 2012, Trinity @ 8:56 am

Hi…. it´s been a while 🙂 i know i know … i keep saying that and it keeps getting worse but i do only have so much time at hands and i apologize to all the frequent readers, members of my website www.trinity-productions.com and fans. Still IF you ARE a member you´ll alwys get me once or twice a week .. hotter than ever 🙂

Anyway it´s about time for me to advertise my shop www.like-a-lady.com. There is more adult fantasy clothing, sexy articles and accessories available now than ever, plus a section of discounted satin blouses, satin skirts, sissy dresses and wigs for transvestites. I do also have a sexy clients area now where i like to encourage all my kinky customers – no matter what gender – to allow me to publish their sexy photos.

Check it out – no matter if you are a satin fetishist looking for sexy satin clothing like i am wearing for your wife, fiancé, sexy girlfriend … maybe you are a crossdresser looking to stock up your wardrobe, sissy, tranny, t-girl … whatever … you name it, i have it 🙂

AND i am only few steps away from bringing my own satin fetish clothing line to life.

sexy satin clothing, crossdress, sissy online shopping

sexy satin clothing, crossdress, sissy online shopping



14 December 2011, Trinity @ 10:33 am

Hello everybody. My satin fetish clothing, adult baby and crossdress clothing online shop www.like-a-lady.com is keeping me very busy, which is a good thing. But i have not been lazy about my website, bought more sexy stuff, satin blouses, skirts, and very kinky panties and shot a lot of shiny movies and photos sets. There is one set that i wanted to show you as my teaser for you which is very popular already on the internet. the movie is posted in my members area and short clips of it have already been posted on many tubes and they all like my dirty talking jerkoff encouragement while i smother my pussy and butt into my guys face and demand him to lick all my holes nice and deep.

sexy shiny satin scarf fetish

sexy shiny satin scarf fetish

I am wearing the greatest satin blouse that exists for me on the planet, its super tight and cropped at the tits like a frame. Would be a shame to wear such a blouse with a bra underneath. I am also wearing a knee lenght military style wiggle skirt, knee high pink patent vinyl boots and my over-dolled heavy makeup face is framed in a satin scarf.

busty MILF in tight shiny satin blouse with patent boots

busty MILF in tight shiny satin blouse with patent boots

Oh did i feel glamorous like a 50ies starlet when his tongue made me cum. You can see below that i did not just smoke my 120ies … i did blow more than smoke.

CFNM satin fetish slut smothering a guy and sucking his cock

CFNM satin fetish slut smothering a guy and sucking his cock

Anyway – won´t forget to mention that there is a great offer especially interesting for crossdressers and transvetsites on my shop right now: you get a free wig on all orders over 70 euros. I already ran out of wigs but i stocked up again.




19 October 2011, Trinity @ 4:23 am

i am lookign for models and customer gallery models for my shop www.like-a-lady.com . I know that a lot of fans and clients are reading my blog, no matter what sexual orientation, satin fetishists, crossdressers,  t-girls, sissies and transgender so i wanted to adress my quest for models here within a post also. For details how to show yourself off please visit the link for details:


and everybody .. please keep in mind that while hopefully everyone here is a TRINITY fan i am pretty sure that everyone around here has satin, silk, blouse, CFNM and whatnot fetish … some adress this by buying sexy things for their loved one, some just enjoy internet fetish porn, others are living their fetish through crossdressing, they might be sissies trained by a mistress … whatever.

My site, blog and shop is what i call gender friendly and open to all kind of sexual orientations as long as noone gets hurt against their will 🙂

AND in case you have not already tried out how sexy and gorgeous wearing and feeling high qualtiy satin clothing really is … maybe my current offer helps you decide:



my NEW FaceBook account
6 September 2011, Trinity @ 6:42 pm

Hey everybody. just to let you know its a real busy time for right now because with the economy not being too good and all I have to look at some options and work on some ideas these days like possibly establishing my own TRINITY fetish fashion line for sexy satin loving women, sissies and crossdressers in my shop www.like-a-lady.com

And now FaceBook cancelled my account … yes, like i got all the time in the world thinking about new aliases and rebuild all content.

Anyway whoever has already been a friend of mine or wants to befriend me now please use my new account



satin strapon nurse

satin strapon nurse