sexy satin fetish, crossdressing, sissy and transvestite shopping
21 April 2012, Trinity @ 8:56 am

Hi…. it´s been a while 🙂 i know i know … i keep saying that and it keeps getting worse but i do only have so much time at hands and i apologize to all the frequent readers, members of my website and fans. Still IF you ARE a member you´ll alwys get me once or twice a week .. hotter than ever 🙂

Anyway it´s about time for me to advertise my shop There is more adult fantasy clothing, sexy articles and accessories available now than ever, plus a section of discounted satin blouses, satin skirts, sissy dresses and wigs for transvestites. I do also have a sexy clients area now where i like to encourage all my kinky customers – no matter what gender – to allow me to publish their sexy photos.

Check it out – no matter if you are a satin fetishist looking for sexy satin clothing like i am wearing for your wife, fiancé, sexy girlfriend … maybe you are a crossdresser looking to stock up your wardrobe, sissy, tranny, t-girl … whatever … you name it, i have it 🙂

AND i am only few steps away from bringing my own satin fetish clothing line to life.

sexy satin clothing, crossdress, sissy online shopping

sexy satin clothing, crossdress, sissy online shopping



my NEW FaceBook account
6 September 2011, Trinity @ 6:42 pm

Hey everybody. just to let you know its a real busy time for right now because with the economy not being too good and all I have to look at some options and work on some ideas these days like possibly establishing my own TRINITY fetish fashion line for sexy satin loving women, sissies and crossdressers in my shop

And now FaceBook cancelled my account … yes, like i got all the time in the world thinking about new aliases and rebuild all content.

Anyway whoever has already been a friend of mine or wants to befriend me now please use my new account


satin strapon nurse

satin strapon nurse


PLEASING MYSELF all dressed up
22 July 2010, Trinity @ 5:39 am

hey all. just wanted to drop a quick posting with a teaser pic taken from my most recent update at to show you how much i enjoy pleasing myself without taking anyhting off at all. Opaque pattern pantyhose have never been so sexy, that bowtie of that satin nanny blouse is so ridiculously huge that it´s yet hot and kinky ! Puffy seethourgh glass silk sleeves … its such a great crossdress and dressup item. Tight bell shaped skirt and vintage cancan boots. I really loved that outfit that i created there !