Hard nipples and bouncing boobies in satin
19 October 2011, Trinity @ 3:39 am

Hey there. just in case you are new or you still arent checking my youtube channel frequently (see right menu bar) here are my 2 soft-sexy videos with my round boobies wiggling and swaying in tight satin and silk blouse, nipples all hard and erected poking through the fabric. Enjoy and give me a thumbs up wherever you can ! thank you and kisses – TRINITY



Busty office MILF in satin blouse and shiny pantyhose
25 April 2009, Trinity @ 3:45 am

you may remember several posts ago i was talking about how i personally like and enjoy some outifts that i wear for my shoots a bit more than others … i showed you the mature / MILF secretary in her gold and shiny brown outfit with tight shiny satin blouse, sexy pencil skirt, an awesome supershiny coffee pantyhose – crotchless of course – along with a nude lycra panties.



That was one of those outfits i really love wearing and which really get me going and all kinky in my role as the slutty secretary or the formal mature teacher.



Well – now that we posted all 2 parts of a 40 mins long sexy HD video i wanted you to show some screenshort (actual size would be 1280 X 720) to show you how much fun i have enjoying myself in such outfits.

I can walk around, sit and caress myself in those outftis endlessly without taking anything off at all. If i am not wearing crotchless pantyhose i can just play with my clit underneath my silk or satin panties because when i start stroking it a bit through soft fabrics it get all errected and big and i just have to continue circling a finger over the little errected hard spot in my panties or panthyose crtoch panel i can get mysellf off without any additional tools, dildos or vibrators. I only have to play around, touch and caress my tits in my tight blouses and do the same thing with my nipples underneath the shiny satin and silk fabrics as i do with my clitoris. Thats another reason why you dont see me wearing bras so much – i just love the sensation i get when playing with my sensitive nipples in soft and shiny fabrics too.

That movie shoot was more than just soft and erotic playing with myself until i get myself off. This was “heavy equipment” .. like a huge jelly dildo and another vibrator that i shoved up my holes and bended in all directions to get the maximum stimulation. I had to take my skirt off for all the different positions giving you nice views up close on my pantyhosed butt and my hand throbbing the rubber dildo in and out my slot throught the pantyhose crotch … tits all bouncing and swaying up and down in my satin blouse … falling out of the cleavage .. jumping back into my satin blouse … i can really enjoy myself like that 🙂


My new satin and pantyhose loving girlfriend
27 March 2009, Trinity @ 7:45 pm

I´d like you to introduce you to my new girlfriend. Her name is DOLL or Blondie and that blonde doll is into satin and nylon fetish big time. That busty lady has amazing huge nipples and they poke through her satin blouse like mine could not stick out through the fabric any better. She is into all kind of sexy fetish clothing like stockings and tight skirts. You can see her garter belt and garter clips lining through her tight vinyl leather pencil skirt that i borrowed her. In fact the red shiny satin blouse is mine too … oh wait .. DOLL is a mistress, in fact a headmistress and she is supposed to look after me so i behave.


But i just found out she is not taking her job too seriously and she did not mind me compare the size of our tits in both our shiny sexy tigh satin blouses. She also did not say anything when i took my teenie schoolgirl outfit off right in front of her. I stripped out of my pleated satin miniskirt and showed my shiny pantyhosed ass with white panties underneath right in front of the class.

There was still nothing from her as i pulled down my pantyhose and satin knicker panties, squatted over a bowl and peed into it. Golden shower watersports all dressed up in satin with my tits almost busting out my shiny blouse … she did not mind at all.


I like her a lot and i think i am going to dress her up differently soon .. trying out different styles.

Unfortunately she is more the “passive” person