Hard nipples and bouncing boobies in satin
19 October 2011, Trinity @ 3:39 am

Hey there. just in case you are new or you still arent checking my youtube channel frequently (see right menu bar) here are my 2 soft-sexy videos with my round boobies wiggling and swaying in tight satin and silk blouse, nipples all hard and erected poking through the fabric. Enjoy and give me a thumbs up wherever you can ! thank you and kisses – TRINITY



27 December 2008, Trinity @ 7:23 pm

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you are doing this for such a long time that you cannot hide your boner in your pants and you can barely hold it any longer. So i unzip your pants take out your dripping dick and suck it while you play with my boobies that are hanging out of my blouse that you unbuttoned in the middle. you love my big boobs sticking out of my sexy satin blouse and you look down on me in my outfit, my sexy stocking legs, my wet panties under my hiked up pinstripe skirt. i look up to you with my glasses while moving my lips up and down your cock. when i start feeling the pulsating of your cum wanting to shoot out your rod i squeeze it a bit so you dont cum and i start waking your cock while moving the tip of your penis over my erected nipples in my tight shiny blouse. thats clothed sex fetish as you love it. then finally you shoot all your hot sperm all over my stocking covered thighs, you aim on my tits and try to squeeze each and every drop out of your dick to mess up all my clothes while you watch your cumshot on my blouse dripping of my poking nipples.

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