Sex in ripped clothing .. again
22 March 2009, Trinity @ 7:20 pm

hey there … amazing … again … there are some niches within my beloved fetish niche that are abvioulsy gaining more and more popularity recently. And thanks to soome generous members and fans i will be able to produce and shoot some new kinky ripped clothing sets again. Sex in ripped clothing, satin ripping fetish and such .. you can see it more and more on the internet. CFNM is growing strong … clothed females naked males , clothed female naked male its what is called in the meantime.

The messy clothing thing – i am very aware of that since a long time and i enter the pool with all my wet clothgin clinging to my body, all my sexy blouses, shiny pantyhose and skirts getting seethrough etc. – i have had a lot of sex soaking wet with all my clothes on etc. But ripping good expensive clothing  .. i was not able to show and shoot before nice guys started sending me gifts with beautful clothes, fine shiny blouses and such.

I just received a new proposal from a member and fan with a story outline for 2 different fantasies that he has with ripped clothing and clothed sex involved and i agreed because i liked the outlines so much. Now he is going shopping for me and i´ll do something kinky for him and my members.

The idea i liked most was with me all dolled up in a nice tight sexy shiny satin blouse with my tits almost popping out of the cleavage. Also wearing satin pants with stockings underneath. I am sitting kind of bored on my monkey rocker sex machine that i love so much and start swinging on it and the huge rubber dildo starts poking on my satin crotch of my tight sexy pant with the stockings tops outline being visible thur the shiny fabric.

Having the rubber cock rocking against my satin covered pussy i get aroused and start ripping a hole in my pants crotch just as big that the rubber cock gets access to my snatch and i can have my ways on my sex machine and ride it all dressed up with just a little hole at my pussy. Then “real cock” approaches the scene – all hard and errected, poking right into my face with precum dribbling off  the shaft. He massages my tits in my shiny tight satin blouse and starts ripping a hole in the blouse so one tit falls out of it and bounces loose while i still rock on my monkey rocker sex swing with the dick in my mouth, sucking on it.

Once i climax on my sex machine i stand, jerk off the cock and get my pants torn, ripped and split up so the stockings show … which get a little bit cut up in the whole process of sucking and jerking too …. there´s more to the outline but you pretty much get the picture of a nice kinky set, right.

And here goes the proof that i had invented and explored such kinky fully clothed sex a long time ago already … with some shots of a nice set i did a lon time ago. 🙂



Look close ! – creampie in the office … yummie !

it does not ALWAYS have to be shiny ..
19 March 2009, Trinity @ 6:17 am

hey there,

within my very last set that we shot and filmed i assembled myself a very sexy and totally different outfit than usual. I call it “lady in black” … could call it “black widow” too if you like 🙂

Look at it – it does not alsways have to be a very tight and shiny satin blouse with a long and wide or short and tight satin skirt. There are other sexy fabrics too besides satin and silk and i definitely have a satin and silk fetish only – i have a clothing fetish in general but you already know that i guess.

this is a nylon / chiffon mix blouse – somewhat like opaque pantyhose … a little bit seethrough, sexy ruffles and volants, not too tight and the skirt is pure silk with satin pinstriping.

The sewn in underskrit is like a half slip in that case – very sexy, very shiny and it feels so good to the skin. I love those sewn in half slip because without panites underneath it feels so good to rum and caress my thick soft pussy and clit trough the fabric without taking anything off 🙂


Anyway – i am wearing very hot red and black satin lingerie underneath … very mature and elegant … hot black stockings .. its and overall very mature – ish kind of sexy outfit and as you can see “the cock” thougt the same about it because all over sudden it was there all errected sticking into my face begging to get sucked.

And yes … the black widow sexy MILF lady was sucking cock in her seethrough sexy ruffle mature style blouse and stockings. And i loved it … and because i had to shoot a video in this awesome outfit right afterwards i had to wear my eye and makeup protection … my sunglasses had to stay on to avoid my face being squashed with cum.


I know you like to see a sexy MILF face covered in cum after she posed in her elegant mature clothing for you and then sucked your dick but this time it was cum on glasses[

Guess what i did in the video afterwards … i hiked up my skirt, pulled down my satin panties, inserted a vibrator with cable remote deep inside my pussy, pulled the satin shiny panties up again and then walked around, moved a bit, caressed myself all dressed up while the thiing inside of me slowly built up my climaxing. At the end i can almost stand in front of the camera shaking and trmebling with a long and great orgasm fully dressed. Awesome – you´ll like it.

a kinky photo sex story – fully clothed secretary and teacher sex
1 March 2009, Trinity @ 8:53 pm

hello everybody,

sorry for keeping you waiting some days … i know that in the meantime i have grown a bunch of freuqent readers of my blog and i am very happy about it. To make it more fun to check back frequently i thougt about somehting that members of my site might as well enjoy as surfers who just passed by (of course i´d like every satin, silk and nylon fetish connosieur to check out my clothed sex fetish MILF site and hopefully like it, too.)

From now on i will post some sort of photo clothed sex fetish story everytime i shot another great satin and silk sex movie for my site.

In the meantime everyone knows how much i enjoy being the naught fully clothed sex teacher, a strict headmistress in a conservative bowtie blouse, the busty MILF teacher having all kind of sex in all kind of sex clothing. I enjoy being the kinky secretary slut in fuck me pumps and short skirts with tight and shiny tops and blouses, as well as the seductive MILF in the office or even the conservative type in satin ruffle blouse with long skirt and pantyhose who everyone thinks is not fuckable but gets cum on her glasses and clothes in the end.

tonight i´ll start with the first episode of a movie clip that was just posted in fully screen crisp HD to my members area. The photos that you will see within those photo stories will always be real screenshots – only minimized, otherwise it would burst the format of my blog 🙂

I am at the office, wearing a long black satin pant that is so tight i dont even know how i made it into them 🙂 Although i am wearing panties underneath the crotch of the pants just wanders inside my pussy forming an awesome cameltoe.  I dressed up in the most silkiest shiny silk blouse i may have ever laid my hands on – its spread with ruffles and literally clings to my skin. I dont wear a bra underneath  as most of the time when i am wearing tight shiny satin and silk blouses. I just love the way the nipples poke trough the thin fabric and the strain of the blouse over my big tits.


At first i have that sexy blouse partially covered in a black shiny satin vest which i can barely close underneath my big tits and it literally squeezes my boobies up so they push against my sex blouse even more.


I have you sitting there in my office, watching me as i walk around and you can hear the clicking of my high heels on the floor while my ass shakes from left to right. I bend forward for you, sticking my satin ass right into your face,


i let you peek up as i rub my muff and run my fingernails throught the satin crotch of my pant forming out the sexy cameltoe.


I am talking and whispering to you about how sexy the material feels on my skin, how horny it makes to fondle myself through shiny silk, satin and nylon … as i see your errection in your pants getting bigger and bigger i invite you to come over and touch my pussy and ass in my tight satin pant … i play with my nipples so they stick out rigid and errect making a sexy contrast on my satin sex blouse.

i invite you to grab my tits and squeeze them .. i ask you if you already play with your dick and if you would like to masturbate while i masturbate in my shiny clothes for you.

There you stand with your dripping cock in your hand and approach me … we hug … we kiss … and you slide your errect cock inbetween my satin covered legs while we make out.

You move back and forward wanking your boner inbetween my legs – then i have you lean back a bit and i grab your cock with my hands and start jerking you off very slowly and you see my fingers with the long fingernails as they graps around your dick moving up and down.


Again we kiss and start breathing heavier but i wont let go go off your dick. I tell you that i will also suck your cock in my sexy clothing but i have you stand there still with your pants down and me all dressed up sexy, your kinky shiny office slut, giving you a nice slow handjob right in my office.


for now i would be so happy if  i already got you hard yourself while reading and i would be even happier if you´d  be inspired now … ready for epidsode 2 to come in only few days … and i want you to be a naughty boy now, take out your dick and jerk it off real good for me  🙂

… to be continued

18 February 2009, Trinity @ 7:15 pm

well, i had to skip 2 days with no new posts because a, i was very busy because we got new computers, had to set up everything new, i have to get used to using vista because of this and we decorated and painted a new studio area to work in the future. AND although its still chilly and a bit fresh the weather is perfect for outdoor shoots. just check those samples of my shiny outdoor modeling shoot. Per request i finally could wear my polyesther flight jacket that some guys wanted to see me in, flashing my bare tits underneath. i Wore that exact outfit recently when i was shipping because the danskin dance pantyhose is really thick and warm but super shiny. Along with my satin hotpant and that jacket it made a perfect showstopper outfit. Of course i did not flash my tits or satin bra when i was in public but i did in the shoot and the movie where i was modeling all that fine shiny fabrics for you. Th heat things up a bit more i had to suck dick in my outift. I love sucking cock without taking anything off. I love sex, fucking and sucking in such shiny panthyose and i was not wearing those big sunglasses for nothing. They were for eye protection because otherwise all that cum on my face and tits would have messed up my makeup 🙂