sexy satin fetish, crossdressing, sissy and transvestite shopping
21 April 2012, Trinity @ 8:56 am

Hi…. it´s been a while 🙂 i know i know … i keep saying that and it keeps getting worse but i do only have so much time at hands and i apologize to all the frequent readers, members of my website and fans. Still IF you ARE a member you´ll alwys get me once or twice a week .. hotter than ever 🙂

Anyway it´s about time for me to advertise my shop There is more adult fantasy clothing, sexy articles and accessories available now than ever, plus a section of discounted satin blouses, satin skirts, sissy dresses and wigs for transvestites. I do also have a sexy clients area now where i like to encourage all my kinky customers – no matter what gender – to allow me to publish their sexy photos.

Check it out – no matter if you are a satin fetishist looking for sexy satin clothing like i am wearing for your wife, fiancé, sexy girlfriend … maybe you are a crossdresser looking to stock up your wardrobe, sissy, tranny, t-girl … whatever … you name it, i have it 🙂

AND i am only few steps away from bringing my own satin fetish clothing line to life.

sexy satin clothing, crossdress, sissy online shopping

sexy satin clothing, crossdress, sissy online shopping



HAPPY NEW YEAR .. or .. a hairy secretary
16 January 2012, Trinity @ 10:25 am

so it´s 2012 now and i am a little late for my new years wishes but i hope they do still count. I was very busy working on my new years surprise for all of you and i am VERY anxious to know how you like it.

So what´s the deal Ms. Trinity you may ask yourself now … what you got for us ?

Well, i dolled myself up EXTRA milf-ish as a super shiny sexy secretary. With loads of makeup, sexy glasses, a shiny satin blouse with an abundance of ruffles framing my tits, a shiny satin skirt and new pumps that i HAD to buy.

very sexy satin secretary

very sexy satin secretary

“so what´s the deal Ms Trinity ?” you may think … “what´s special with it ? Shiny as usual, sexy as usual … ok, the stockings worn underneath the shiny pantyhose is somehting you are not wearing too often although its hot and sexy” !!??

so look close:

a sexy hairy secretary

a sexy hairy secretary

YES you looked right ! …. your favorite clothed sex fetish MILF is hairy now. I was very busy with trade shows, my online shop business and fighting my anual christmas flu that i took the chance to grow some hair down there 🙂

Î did this for 2 reasons:

I was encouraged by many emails i received over the years where people told me how much they´d like to see me “hairy” … how much more “ladylike, mature, kinky + sophisticated” that would look on me and my ways of dressing up. AND i was curious myself how it would look like and what people might think.

To be honest i LOVE my big meaty pussy lips silky and bald … i thougt i could never have it different but i was quite surprised about the lady-ish looks with hair between the legs and also about the soft and silky touch of it. I shaved since i was 17. I am still hairy while i am typing this, i aleady shot some kinky photosets and movies with that new look and i will again do so. But let´s call it my winter-style for now, i will definitely wax / shave again soon but every once in a while i will repeat that interesting experiment. I never liked SCARY HAIRY on women but some ladies do look much sexier hairy with their matching style and looks. It´s a matter of personal taste and liking, some people have a hairy fetish while its disgusting for others.

I am very curious what you think so please feel free to post your opinion !

For those who have not been a member to my fully clothed sex fetish website so far, maybe thats what they needed to finally join and not just lurk around for freebies 🙂 … and to give you chance to slightly imagine how kinky things get with the hairy secretary check out the next picture below. Not to mention the hot dirty talking jerkoff instructions and masturbation video of me dressed like that … then there is a conservative teacher, a horny clubslut, a pantyhose milf and lots more to come during project “hairy”

let me know.

xxx, Trinity

horny hairy milf in satin blouse, stockings and pantyhose

horny hairy milf in satin blouse, stockings and pantyhose

14 December 2011, Trinity @ 10:33 am

Hello everybody. My satin fetish clothing, adult baby and crossdress clothing online shop is keeping me very busy, which is a good thing. But i have not been lazy about my website, bought more sexy stuff, satin blouses, skirts, and very kinky panties and shot a lot of shiny movies and photos sets. There is one set that i wanted to show you as my teaser for you which is very popular already on the internet. the movie is posted in my members area and short clips of it have already been posted on many tubes and they all like my dirty talking jerkoff encouragement while i smother my pussy and butt into my guys face and demand him to lick all my holes nice and deep.

sexy shiny satin scarf fetish

sexy shiny satin scarf fetish

I am wearing the greatest satin blouse that exists for me on the planet, its super tight and cropped at the tits like a frame. Would be a shame to wear such a blouse with a bra underneath. I am also wearing a knee lenght military style wiggle skirt, knee high pink patent vinyl boots and my over-dolled heavy makeup face is framed in a satin scarf.

busty MILF in tight shiny satin blouse with patent boots

busty MILF in tight shiny satin blouse with patent boots

Oh did i feel glamorous like a 50ies starlet when his tongue made me cum. You can see below that i did not just smoke my 120ies … i did blow more than smoke.

CFNM satin fetish slut smothering a guy and sucking his cock

CFNM satin fetish slut smothering a guy and sucking his cock

Anyway – won´t forget to mention that there is a great offer especially interesting for crossdressers and transvetsites on my shop right now: you get a free wig on all orders over 70 euros. I already ran out of wigs but i stocked up again.




19 October 2011, Trinity @ 4:23 am

i am lookign for models and customer gallery models for my shop . I know that a lot of fans and clients are reading my blog, no matter what sexual orientation, satin fetishists, crossdressers,  t-girls, sissies and transgender so i wanted to adress my quest for models here within a post also. For details how to show yourself off please visit the link for details:

and everybody .. please keep in mind that while hopefully everyone here is a TRINITY fan i am pretty sure that everyone around here has satin, silk, blouse, CFNM and whatnot fetish … some adress this by buying sexy things for their loved one, some just enjoy internet fetish porn, others are living their fetish through crossdressing, they might be sissies trained by a mistress … whatever.

My site, blog and shop is what i call gender friendly and open to all kind of sexual orientations as long as noone gets hurt against their will 🙂

AND in case you have not already tried out how sexy and gorgeous wearing and feeling high qualtiy satin clothing really is … maybe my current offer helps you decide:


Hard nipples and bouncing boobies in satin
19 October 2011, Trinity @ 3:39 am

Hey there. just in case you are new or you still arent checking my youtube channel frequently (see right menu bar) here are my 2 soft-sexy videos with my round boobies wiggling and swaying in tight satin and silk blouse, nipples all hard and erected poking through the fabric. Enjoy and give me a thumbs up wherever you can ! thank you and kisses – TRINITY

New satin fetish / smoking youtube clip
16 September 2011, Trinity @ 5:38 am

hey there.

for those of you who do not check all my other links and sites – you may have not yet seen the most recent youtube teaser clip. So i am embedding it here too.

Enjoy ! and hopefully if you have not been a member so far all those sexy teasers will make you join one day 😉



my NEW FaceBook account
6 September 2011, Trinity @ 6:42 pm

Hey everybody. just to let you know its a real busy time for right now because with the economy not being too good and all I have to look at some options and work on some ideas these days like possibly establishing my own TRINITY fetish fashion line for sexy satin loving women, sissies and crossdressers in my shop

And now FaceBook cancelled my account … yes, like i got all the time in the world thinking about new aliases and rebuild all content.

Anyway whoever has already been a friend of mine or wants to befriend me now please use my new account


satin strapon nurse

satin strapon nurse


more satin clothing modeling videos
5 August 2011, Trinity @ 3:54 am

hey. here are 2 more videos that i cut for my youtube channel modeling some of my fetish clothing – a lot of these items can be pruchased in my shop in all sizes from female supersmall up tp unisex / crossdress superlarge. custom option to according to your own personal measurements.

and hey – i wasn´t even aware of all this stuff but obviously its important nowadays for google ranking … see the “+1” Google vote button to your right in the sidebar ?

PLEASE click that and give me an A-plus … it helps my google rank. It recognizes everything so you only clikc it ONCE otherwise it will be deducted from the count again. But please click it once 🙂

thank you.



TRINITY Like A Lady now also on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK
29 July 2011, Trinity @ 4:13 pm

Hey everybody.

just a quick note that you can also find me on youTube now and i have been on FaceBook anyway already but never mentioned it here. Make sure you take a peek and befriend me, vote for me, LIKE ME 🙂

you´ll find the links on the static sidebar to your right.

i´ll make sure to post a little bit everywhere every now and then. I won´t post any explicit stuff on youtube and i really still don´t get it how so mayn accounts manage to upload filth without being banned. I already had 2 youtube accounts banned years ago because for example for a second you could see a tiny spot being my pussy sticking through a pantyhose crotch hole. anway, my clothed sex satin fetish is perfect for softcore tease anyway so i spare the explicit stuff for my website that after watching all my free stuff ( lurk lurk leech leech) it will make YOU signup as a member too one day 🙂 … many did before you and still do and believe me they were never dissatisfied !



new satin fetish superstore
17 July 2011, Trinity @ 10:31 am

FINALLY !!! My new online store for statinfetish, satin clothing, PVC and vinyl clothing,satin and silk lingerie, crossdress – , sissy- , transgender clothing is online now. This is going to be a little milestone for me in several ways. From now on i may finally have more free time again for real to update more frequently on my blog here and i can go back and concetrate on looking good, dressing up and making my trinity hardcore fans happy. I am also sure it is going to bring me some new good business after the small sections in my long term sexy clubwear store kinkywear have already been a success.

This new superstore will bring me more interesting clients and from now on the cirlce between being trinity since more than a decade, selling what i am selling, my productions etc., – it closes and everything will add up. I already have a fan base with part of it being customers already, no matter if in germany or the rest of europe.

I always wanted that – to sell something that i am entirely convinced of and that i really love and wear perosnally. With the way i am dressing up since years, the ways i do my roleplay, my makeup i keep attracting satin fetish people as well as crossdressers, transgender, sissies etc. AND I LIKE IT !  I am so happy me, my outfits and styling inspire so many of you as well as you inspire me.

I mean, i have crossdressing fans who spend a lot of effort on copying outfits and make-ups, even replaying some roleplays of my photo and movie work on my website. It is a real pleasure for me receiving emails from crossdressers and transvestites aksing me if i´d sell them a scarf i was wearing or earrings or where i get my makeup from.

Thats not just part of a job for me – i like it as much as guys asking me where to buy sexy satin clothing, shiny nylons and pantyhose, where i bought that specific ruffled satin blouse etc. because they want to get it for their spouse, girlfriend, wife etc.

So blowing up those 2 small satin fetish sections i always had within my online shop into a huge superstore just made sense and had to become reality.

As you can read on my shop it is a GENDER FRIENDLY place. Due to the fact that i can sell all fetish clothing in all sizes starting from regular XS to oversized crossdressing and unisex XXL  plus also the option for custom made according own personal measurements, not only makes my shop outstanding.

That way it is a great place for everybody to shop, for every woman and every man, no matter what sexual preferences AND no matter what shape, size and built.

One thing they all have in common – a fetish for sexy shiny fabrics such as satin, PVC and vinyl. Like-A-Lady is going to be a shopping place for the strict Mistress as well as her SUB, for the sweet adultbaby as well as the prissy sissy, for sexy clubgirls who love satin and satin lingerie, pantylovers as well as transgender people, the “average joe + jane” who wants to add some spice to their sexlife with kinky roleplay .. it´s an endless list.

Shopping for satin blouses, shopping for satin dresses, shopping for chastitiy lingerie and panties, shopping for strict blouses, shopping for sissy dresses, shopping for vinyl pants, catsuits and hotpants, shopping for cosplay clothing, shopping for adult unfiforms and costumes, shopping for crossdress and transgender breastforms, wigs and makeup, shopping for high heels and kinky boots in larger sizes …..

… will be just one stop and adress from now on :

online shopping for satin fetish, satin clothing, crossdress, transgender, sissy, mistress and SUBs, satin panties and lingerie

online shopping for satin fetish, satin clothing, crossdress, transgender, sissy, mistress and SUBs, satin panties and lingerie

in case you are a webmaster and / or model of a satin fetish, crossdressing, transgender website, blog, online comunity yourself, or share the same interests on your facebook page … if you want to promote and help advertising please feel free to just grab a banner and link to my shop

Please make sure you contact me so i can have someone put your backlink and banner up also.

I am also happy about enquiries about cross-selling and promotions too such as giving a discount code for providing high traffic spots.

Happy shopping



shiny bowtie satin blouse and sexy cameltoe spandex leggings

… guess what … yes, you can buy this blouse in my new store 🙂