18 December 2008, Trinity @ 5:15 pm

I am TRINITY, your clothed sex fetish MILF and your model for kinky sex in satin blouses, silky wear, pantyhose, nylons and many more.

This is my private Blog AND this is my FETISH Blog. Its about things i´d like to share with you, things you and my fans may want to know about me. It is a place for the Fetish lover to post coments and read about my Fully Clothed Sex fetish, my Fetish about Satin Blouses, Nylons and Pantyhose, my fetish about all kind of other sexy – somtimes formal – blouses made of silk and other shiny and soft materials. Bowtie blouses, ruffle blouses, stockings, .. i like to wear them all. I love them tight so they stretch over my boobs, i love my pantyhose crotchless so there is no need to take them off to masturbate or have sex in them. I love them shimmering and shiny as well as the stockings i am wearing. I love to roleplay in different outfits, sometimes the shy, prude and formal attitude, another time i want to dress like a slut with shorts skirts, stocking tops visible, sometimes with a crotchless pantyhose worn on top of them. I love to dress up and wear different fabrics at the same time. Since years i prefer to stay dressed up sexy while having sex or masturbate. Sliding my hands over shiny and shimmering fabrics is a huge turn on for me, nothing feels greater for me than to tickle and rub my clit thru a pair of silk or satin knickers or a seethru panel of a nylon pantyhose. I love to feel how my clit swells up when i caress it thru the silky fabrics until it pokes thru the material getting so sensitive that i can get off without even taking anything off or shoving a dildo up my snatch.

I love to wear sexy shiny underwear, shiny bras that i squeeze my huge boobs into and then cut holes in them to have the nipples sticking out. I love it when they stick out and i can pull them until they stand out like rigid sensitive nails while the rest of my body is covered with maybe a sophisticated or elegant outfit. I put on a thight and sexy outfit with a long satin or lycra pant, i add a very tight satin blouse, stretchy enough so i can hardly close the buttons on my bust. I only need to run my hands over my satin covered tits with no bra underneath and my nipples start to poke through. Without any problem i can get myself off without taking anyhting off at all, just using a little vibrating toy thru the pants on my clit. Sometimes i climax harder than other women with a dildo inserted or being penetrated. Thats the truth, you can see it on my site within some of my clothed sex fetish movies. I masturbate without taking anything off, in those everyday sexy outfits you – as a real fetishist – always phanatasize about when seeing other women dressed like that.

I know you get a boner when you see a secretary in her typical office apparel, i know you fantasize about running your hands up her nylon covered legs underneath her tight pencil skirt up her crotch, feeling her up without even lifting up her skirt.  You can jerk off just by phantasizing how warm she feels up there thru her pantyhose covering her satin panties which cover her warm thick lips. You see ladies and mature women with her typical sophisticated and mature way of being dressed, how they do their makeup, wearing jewelry and pearl chains and all you can do is think about how it would be to touch their breasts in their blouses, pinch their nipples inside the material and bend them over so you can run your hands over their curvy butts inside their zipper skirts, slowly undo the zipper and expose their mature bubble butt in pantyhose or framed by a nice garter belt holding their nylons. It wont take long until you could not hold it anymore and you would shoot your hot steamy load of cum on that butt. I know how men are ticking, having similar fetishes myself, i know what gets you going. I know it because i am getting a lot of feedback since more than 9 years running my own hardcore clothed sex fetish site. And i dont know it any differently from my own private life and relationship. Most of you would rather get a handjob or very slow blowjob from a sexy dressed woman than get her naked and fuck her like mad. Looking downwards you want to see her face wearing that seductive makeup and lipstick, looking upwards to you while having your dick in her warm wet mouth.  She is kneeling in front of you with her skirt straining over her curves, wearing her sexy HighHeels or fuck-me-pumps. You look down at her and see her lipstick on your penis and her lips moving up and down your rod and you slowly unbutton her tight blouse.  Once her tits pop out of the cleavage you have troubles holding it and have to force yourself not to cum into her mouth straight away. You dont want to cum because you want to touch those breast bouncing up and down, hanging out of her shiny satin blouse. You want to pull the nipples while she sucks on your dick in her outfit. And most of you love it a bit messy – as much as you love panythose, nylon and satin you also want to shoot your load onto it. You wish to jerk off and aim right onto the satin blouse, you want to see your cum run down a pair of mature tits covered in a satin or silk blouse. You want to wrap you cock into her open blouse and cum right into the fabric. Maybe you are more for the teacher and secretary type facing you with her glasses while stroking your cock, giving you a firm but slow handjob, massaging her own pussy with her skirt pulled up. While she is sticking her fingers up her pussy she is stroking your cock with the other hand. You hear the sound of her juices squashing as she pleases herself while she is pleasing you. And booom – there it comes your warm pleasuresome explosion right onto her glasses, you see your sperm dripping down her glasses, landing on her office suit and stocking covered legs.

Pictures with ladies fully dressed with the right items and styles turn you on more than watching a nude hardcore porn movie ? You cannot keep your eyes off the woman walking in front of you in public with a shiny skirt or satin pant that tight you can see her pantylines poking thru ? You cannot stop watching the glamorous lady crossing and uncrossing her stocking covered legs sitting with you in a business meeting or an airplane flight ? You stare, hoping she wont recognize, wishing she would take off her sexy shoes and massaging your boner with her nylon covered feet, giving you the footjob of your life until you can shoot your cum on her nylon covered foot soles ? You see a mature lady in public wearing a silk head scarf and gloves and all you can think about is how she wraps that scarf around your penis and tightens it, then wanking your swollen blue cock with her gloves ?

Is this YOUR kind of SEX … your kind of phantasy ? Is this what turns you on and makes you hard ? Did you sometimes think you might be a bit weird or did friends ask you “where is the SEX in it” ? …. Until some time ago you were wondering how can there be so many hardcore fetish out there, all kind of fancy and freaky stuff, SM, BDSM, bondage, clinic etc. while you just phantasize about sex in clothes … but could not find magazines, videos or DVDs ?

Well, hello and WELCUM … you obviously have a FULLY CLOTHED SEX FETISH and a fetish for sexy materials and fabrics like satin, silk, nylon, lycra, vinyl and more. You simply like you sex “clothed” .. the dressed way in blouses, stockings, business suits, sexy everyday outfits and such.

WELCUM to my world – my private sex life and fetish world and the part of it that i show off on the internet for both our pleasure. Mine to fullfil my exhibitionist clothed sex fetish needs in front of a camera and yours because you have been looking for a kinky milf like me :-)

FORTUNATELY in the meantime there are many sites out there catering to that fetish and sex needs, other blogs, other models, couples and more. I dont see them as competitors because i am not a professional hardcore model. I could really live next door to you, i could be your neighbour showing off on the internet. Unless others i am not fake, i am genuine, my sex is real, my fetish is real.

I hope you will enjoy my website and maybe this BLOG will give you an opportunity to share your thougts, participate and explore. I am going to updated this blog whenever i have news for you and whenever i feel to share my thougts or new kinky stuff with the world.

yours kinky, Trinity

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Shiny_Ricky — March 31, 2019 @ 10:36 am

Sandrina, ich liebe es dich in Satin in in leder in knisterndem Nylon in nahtnylons und nylon strumpfhose zu sehen. Deine wunderschöne Milfmöse in dem durchschimmernden Nylon..deine heisse leckere wunderschöne faltige glatte oder behaarte reife Votze

Shiny_Ricky — March 31, 2019 @ 10:38 am

Sandrina, ich liebe es dich in Satin in in leder in knisterndem Nylon in nahtnylons und nylon strumpfhose zu sehen. Deine wunderschöne Milfmöse in dem durchschimmernden Nylon..deine heisse leckere wunderschöne faltige glatte oder behaarte Votze

Shiny_Ricky — March 31, 2019 @ 10:53 am

Oh mein Gott Trinity, Du bist eine Fetish Satin Nylon Leder Göttin mmmmh
Ich liebe es deine geilen reifen Titten im Satin zu sehen und deine hoch erregten steifen Nippel die sich geil in dem Satin abzeichnen.
Mich macht es irre Geil und mein Schwanz saftig und Prall hart Deinen Geilen Arsch in leder zu sehen u unter den leder rock zwischen der herrlich knisternden Schritt-offenen Nylon Strumpfhose dein herrlich geiles heisses vor Lust feuchtes leckeres Milf Arschloch mit den wunderschön geilen fältchen,die mit meiner Zunge nässen möchte u über die ich sanft und geil lecke um dann mit meiner Nase das köstlich duftende Poloch zu fühlen u zu riechen u dann meine gierige nasse zunge ganz tief hinein drücke u fühle wie du meine zunge mit deinem feuchten Arschloch eng umschließt u geil massierst. Ich fühle Deine in glänzenden Nylon umschmiegte Arschbacken in meinen Händen und das geile Leder deines Rock schmiegt sich an mein kopf. Mmmh solche und viele ander mehr Gedanken bekomme ich wenn ich Dich sehe u von Dir lese.
Ich liebe Cameltoe und Shiny Bulge. Heisse grüße. Shiny_Ricky

Shiny_Ricky — March 31, 2019 @ 11:00 am

Ich liebe Satin Nylons duftendes geschmeidiges Leder um einen geilen griffigen reifen Milf Arsch und seit ca.3 jahren auch an operierte Reife Milfs Transgender ladies und auch an shemales.
Ich hatte ein Aufregende längere Affaire mit einer gebundenen operierten Transgender Milf

Shiny_Ricky — March 31, 2019 @ 11:05 am

Sie war vorher ein Mann u hatte einen schönen Penis. Sie zeigte mir Fotos in Nylon Satin und Leder von sich mit ausgebeulter Satin u Leder Hose. Der Schwanz zeichnete sich geil darin prall ab in dem glanzstoff. Heute hat sie ein wunderschönes Cameltoe in shiny Leggings mmmh

Shiny_Ricky — March 31, 2019 @ 11:30 am

Mit dieser Reifen Transgender Milf lernte ich Neue Vorlieben kennen u Glanzbekleidung u Sperma treibende Spiele darin. Und zum ersten mal schmeckte u leckte ich ein vor lust zuckendes feuchtes Transgender Poloch. Das machte mich so irre geil. Ich liebe das heute so sehr

Shiny_Ricky — March 31, 2019 @ 11:34 am

Darum möchte ich von heute an auch operierte Transgender ladies und auch ladyboys u Shemales in Satin Nylon u Leder fotografieren u auch gerne dich wundervolle aufregend heisse reife milf Sandrina. Und ich möchte noch mehr kennen u lieben lernen a fetish u kinky games mmm

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