possibly the most versatile and luxurious, yet economic sissy maid uniform
14 April 2019, Trinity @ 11:48 pm

you all know this, unfortunately quality and versatility mostly does not come cheap, mostly not with fetish clothing. a luxurious SISSY MAIDS DRESS and fetish uniform can easily cost a small fortune between 200 – 350 EUR depending on where you look and it does not necessarily equal high quality then. at like-a-lady.com you will find outfits and uniforms and several price ranges and i already have some very decent looking sissy dresses at affordable prices as well as some real economic ones and none of them come with low quality, all of them are being handmade. let me introduce the most recent add-on to the sissy maids dress section – this might probably the most versatile and detailed luxury sissy maids dress at a still affordable price considering price/quality ratio.


when I created this dress together with my workshop and seamstress the goal was to finally come up with a sissy maids uniform that looks like a very posh and costly luxurious dress but at a affordable price. if you look at the various materials that go into manufacturing this little gem like organza, glass silk, satin and lace along with the countless details i think you may agree that it turned out pretty well. organza hem of the dress, lace details on the body of it and at the hem of the short puff ball sleeves, many smaller decorative satin bows, a huge sissy bow at the cleavage that sits on a multi layer ruff and cleavage, a sash that ties the dress at the wait … and and and .. we skipped pinafore on purpose because, well … all sissy uniforms seem to have one and this one should not be one of many. i think a pinafore would just distract from all the details. get your matching sissy bag and wrist cuffs by selecting the optional details.

you can purchase this dress without petticoat or with 2 optional petticoats. both petticoats are high quality stand-alone skirts themselves, one being made of several layers of glass silk on top of a opaque polyester layer, the other one made of several satin layers with ruffles.

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