a SISSY dress not just for sissies
6 October 2017, Trinity @ 10:58 am

one question i get asked a lot is what kind of dress i recommend for someone wanting a sissy dress but not the traditional style. something a bit more fashionable and lady-like if they don´t feel too sissy. so i´d like to introduce to you that super sexy transparent dress

made of pure japanese glass silk with optional mutli-layer luxury satin petticoat or 3 layer glass silk petticoat. I am not even sure if by the deifnition a “real” woman can be sissy too but i do not think so (any inpout and thougts on that apreciated …) so this is ME .. not being sissy … wearing the sissy dress but feeling rather like a sexy princess. the entire dress is transparent with an abundance of ruffles and volants made of glass silk as well and has a sexy and sophisticated sash on the neckline that loops into a bowtie.

i am wearing this dress along with the multi layer glass silk petticoat that you can optionally select and see in my store www.like-a-lady.com

imagine yourself wearing that dress along with one of the titties i showed you in the previous post … all the sexy bouncing and swaying while being fully dressed up seeing those beauties through the fabric !

here i am wearing the same dress with no petticoat at all, giving away a bit of the typical sissy A-line, turning it into a even sexier and naughtier dress for all you kinky crossdressers, transvestites and t-gurls out there.

you can get the dress in standard sizes, it will always come with a figure hugging waistline and you can get it as custom fit like all the dresses and clothing items from my like a lady line. in most cases when fake boobs are worn custom fit is needed to assure for a great fit and sexy look.

this is the rearview of the dress that closes with a small zipper in the back

…. and yes … i am a supershiny CROTCHLESS pantyhose underneath with nude stockings on top … for those who my need some visual inspiration of how to dress properly underneath such a kinky dress.

so this would be my recommendation for someone looking for the “one in all” sexy sissy – not – so – sissy – dress …..

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