TITTIES tits BOOBS boobies for crossdressers and transvestites
6 September 2017, Trinity @ 12:13 pm

ok … the first new post … what do i talk about ? well i will ll go with what i believe most males like to look at and play with – FEMALE BREASTS … titties, tits, boobies … no matter if they have a crossdressing / trans fetish and life or not.

sexy titties for crossdressers, tansvestites and transgenders ? not a dream anymore …

one loves the little handfull, others really small and perky, others like it bigger, a lot like it big and some prefer HUUUGE. face, breasts and cleavage and booty will always be what most are looking at at first. those can be defined in many ways and shapes and of course makeup thats being used. i think it goes without saying its the same for crossdressers, transvestites and transgender people as well. most start wearing female clothing, pantyhose and nylons but it does not take very long and most start filling up a bra with nasty stuff like toilet paper or whatnot and soon there is the urge for having real breasts, feeling the sway and wiggle of real female titties on their body and to see sexy curves in their outfits.
silicone breasts and other forms of breast prothesis for crossdresser and transgender people have been around since quite a while. other transformation items like entire torsos or bodies made of latex are getting more and more popular but they cost a fortune, are sometimes a pain in the ass to get into and not so sexy … sweaty-sweat … once on the entire body.
there is a middle way though without spending a fortune and possibly a more sexy feel as well. i am focusing in my crossdressing online store on different kinds of breast and breast prothesis for crossdressers and transvestites.
single breastforms (in pairs of course) which you can either stick underneath a regular bra or lingerie or put into sewn compartments of specialty bras. The tight bra has the boobies cling onto the body of the tgirl, tranny, crossdresser and transgender and offers a sexy sway and wiggle with or without a blouse or a sexy top and dress. the only thing that is missing here is when going topless there is visible lingerie … the transgender bra. A economic solution to this is the strap bra where silicone straps are glued onto the breast so the transvestite can wear them like a bra. the stretchy range of them is limited though and i do not recommend them for a underbust of more than 100cm. a size and weight of more than 1600g per pair is also not recommended as the titties – like in real life for real women – flow with gravitiy and instead of saggy breast they can start to flip off the male chest when being too heavy.
Then there is my supersexy Trinity Trans Bra made of shimmering transparent nylon and which can hold all sizes i am selling in my shop up to 3200g and with some patience even up to 3600grams per pair as you can see them on tranny bombshell ARNIKA here.

you can see the bralines showing underneath tight and sexy clothing and with white, pink and cream satin the boobies and the bra actually shines through which is very hot if you are into this.
my newest product is what i believe is the best of all worlds – its what i called DEBBIES TITTIES since DEBBY STYLEZ modelled them for me so sexy.

look at those nipples !

look at those nipples !

here the breastforms are sewn into a robust lace bra frame with the tits sticking out
this makes a real look and feel underneath clothing and once you start unbuttoning your blouse the lacy frame starts showing making for a hot cleavage .. one button more undone and the flesh of the titties starts to show … another button and the nipples start to show and completely unbuttoned or topless a set of prominent swaying tits gets exposed.

all this without what most male females have issues with – makeup, disguising and camouflaging the corners of breastforms on their real skin. no need for this anymore. you can focus on your outift and face. as you can see DEBBY obviously really enjoys her rack 🙂

She also models a very cool and sexy accessory for the real tits and nipple lovers – the superlong and thick tranny nipples.

Yes DEBBY has some extra long erected nipples made as one silicone piece with the areola being the vacuum suction base making them stick firmly onto all titties i am selling in my shop. you can twist, tweak and suck on them. and yes with 2cm length the are very succulent.  Those bad boys stick through a bra, poke through your clothing turnng you into the slut and vamp you want to be … making you a showstoppper on all events.
so please go check out my transgender and crossdressing superstore for your new set of titties – any questions before deciding please aks. although there is never a general recommendation since it all depends on likes and preferences and most of all on your built and weight. Obviously what makes real biggies for a petite tgirl and transgender is just a tiny handfull for a large person with a big torso. photos and sizes always help in order to help you find your transvestite and transgender breasts. it´ll always be lots cheaper than for a real woman to get bigger titties 🙂 yours XXX Trinity

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Lou — July 19, 2018 @ 10:17 pm

Arnika looks amazing in those modeling photos. Never thought I’d say this but I find myself incredibly attracted to her. That is one tranny I would love to hook up with.

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