the job interview
9 April 2014, Trinity @ 12:43 pm

for a job interview not just to be prepared porperly is mandatory, also the way you dress can determine if you get the job or not. So lately for my interview i was not sure how to dress. Should i wear a skirt ? If the skirt is too short and too tight then you are a slut, if the skirt is too long they might think you are some prude anti-social workaholic. too much cleavage ? …. way too tempting. they might love it but wont admit it. not enough cleavage – maybe that is exactly what was missing when the testosterone-boosted boss turns your application down and takes the slutty-outfit one.

so basically while they say it is easier for a woman you are still trapped. but i am clever. i know what most men like. they want to be tempted, not too obvious but there should be something for them to keep them guessing. And noone can tell me diffrently – they are ALL looking somehow and they all base their decision at least a little bit on how you look and how you dress.

So i chose a tight fitting satin pants. one with a business kind of look while still making a sexy shiny ass. i picked a blouse – one without cleavage … all buttoned up with a high turtleneck and i put on a satin vest on top of it. So now you say “duh – how boring” but you have not seen my outift yet so not so fast my friends:

shiny satin - dressed for success

shiny satin pants and vest with seethrough governess high neck blouse

So you see this is how i came into the guys office trying to get the job. shiny satin pants, seethrough high neck governess blouse and a satin vest on top. I was very determined so i went straight ahead with my plan and after the introduction i opened up my satin vest and boom that was when little guys eyes popped wide open: titties with no bra. I had his attention now.

Then he started argueing how much more applicants he had on his desk with much better skills which was the right point of time for me to proceed with my strategy:

dressed for success in shiny satin pants all crotchless and seethough governess blouse

dressed for success in shiny satin pants all crotchless and seethough governess blouse

i sat down on the desk in front of the guy and put one leg on the desk displaying my …… PUSSY !!!! …. who would have thougt, right ??? that nice and a bit conservative looking piece of clothing and then this ! I had the crotch of my pants prepared in a way that noone could see it unless i uncrossed and split my legs. and there it was my big meaty pussy protruing through the split in the crotch of my pants. big fleshy wet pussy lips.

BOOOM – little guys jaw dropped on the desk and he suffered a severe loss of speech. Puzzled with a funny tent in his suit pants he asked me what my skills were then and i didn´t even answer. i just sat down, split my legs apart on the glass desk for a perfect view and took out my favourite little g-spot vibrator that he thought was a big pen. I told him to get his cock out and jerk it for me while he could watch me masturbate for him, making my clit all swell up – sticking out like a little girlie-dick through that pretty and shiny satin pants of mine.

thick pussy lips protruing through the split in my shiny satin pants

thick pussy lips protruing through the split in my shiny satin pants

little guy´s dick was about to explode and he asked if he could lick my wet dripping pussy and possibly stick his dick inside me through the hole in my crotch and i asked “well, how about you giving me the position and we see how we get along?”. one second later all the other applicants files went into the trash bin. moral of story: it is VERY important how you dress as a woman. tempting but not too obvious 🙂

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larry — April 12, 2014 @ 7:00 am

Oh yes! I love the slit in the pants! I also see a see thru blouse that can afford a bit of customization! 😉

larry — April 12, 2014 @ 7:01 am

I would never call that blouse boring Trinity! 😉

larry — April 13, 2014 @ 6:41 am

A pair of small nipple holes in the blouse, and i feel you are properly dressed for an interview. I’ll see you in my office! 😉

TV Romana — June 7, 2014 @ 7:34 am

Was für eine tolle Bluse. Die ist einfach der Hammer (und auch der Inhalt)

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