9 June 2009, Trinity @ 8:41 am

hey all, sorry for the late post. I have been really busy with my “other” regular life – non adult – job and some issues have been real headaches these days. I´ll be back shooting new materlail very soon and i have a lot of cusom requests that need to be taken care of. I promised you an update on the ” shredded and ripped clothing theme ” at my recent apointment with the gyn. I just posted the first part of the promised HD movie and tomorrow the second part of it will follow. For you poor non-members and fans here are some animated screenshots to the movie.

I walked into the room in that very tight red skirt and silver satin blouse. That blouse was so tight or my boobs so big that the strain over my tits made them look like cubes and the buttons were almost poppin´.

Under my skirt i was dressed up very kinky and sexy. I had my crotchless shiny pantyhose pulled over my frilly sexy open crotch strap girlde panties. To that great panty i had stockings attached. Thats the way i love to wear stockings and pantyhose. I always receive a lot feedback from crossdressers telling me how much they enjoy looking at me dressed like that and how they dress up themselves like that too. Maybe that´s just for people like me who cannot decide which they like more – stockings or pantyhose…. and who cannot have it shiny enough.


So my fleshy pussy lips are sticking out through the little slit inbetween my panties and i just love the feeling of wearing so many things and layers of fabrics altogether while my pussy is sticking out into fresh air 🙂

Anyway .. you know already that my skirt was shredded … then the doctor put me up high on his kinky chair. My legs spread wide …all covered in shiny stockings and pantyhose .. i am wearing knee high boots. The doc tears my blouse apart at the point where it was straining the most and my boobies literally explose out of it. My hands and feet are bound to the gyn chair and i am getting my boobs squeezed and my pussy massaged. The doctor inserts several toys in both my pussy and ass and i get stimulated a lot. While laying there helplessly bound but still very comfy i get a vibrator shoved up my snatch with the final part sticking out my vagina. This toy keeps sticking in there and moving around with the movement of my hips .. it does not slip out although i am all suashing wet inside. It just holds from the position that i am laying in there.


You can see all kind of POV angle shoots how my tits move and wiggle while i get stimulated more and more .. you can see the electric toy moving around with my hips and vagina contracting and pulsating until i get off big time. As always i climax very hard and loud and this kinky thing still keeps sticking inside me … showing its end as i lay there in all my shredded satin and nylon clothing.


Jack — June 11, 2009 @ 9:12 am

I cumed six times from watching that video rip more satin rip more satin rip more satin just like get angry or have another girl get mad that has a satin blouse and rip the hell out of them you are my favorite love jack

larry — June 17, 2009 @ 6:05 am

Trin i think you are going to be ripping alot of satin blouses in the near future! And as Jack said rip the hell out of them! Trin your amazing! 😉

Tom — June 18, 2009 @ 7:11 am

Leider geht es manchen Leuten wohl nur noch um das Zerfetzen der Satin-Klamotten, bis denen die Eier platzen. Der Rest scheint nicht zu interessieren.
Ich finde es viel geiler zu sehen, was du trägst, wie du darin fotografiert oder gefilmt wirst und wie du die glänzenden Klamotten mit dir zusammen in Einklang bringst.
Das erregt mich – und ich finde, du machst das gut!

larry — June 19, 2009 @ 6:16 am

Hi Trinity,

I do not wish to complicate your work but i was wondering if you simply disgard your destroyed blouses after a shoot? I am willing to guess some of your fans would love to own a souvenir of your shoots. Maybe for a small fee offer some of your tattered blouses as mementos? Its just a thought and need not be persued on your part.


Trinity — June 25, 2009 @ 6:54 am

hey tom,
Danke für Deinen Kommentar und Kompliment – Du triffst hier voll und ganz den Nagel auf den Kopf und zwar dahingehgend dass in der Tat einfach viel zu wenig Satin und clothed-sex Fetischisten hier Kommentare posten. Ein paar hundert Besucher pro Tag aber leider nur wenig die sich irgendwie äußern. Mit den ripping-Leuten ist es so, das mir da mehrere gesagt haben dass es einfach davon nur sehr wenig im Netz zu sehen gibt und zwischen denen hat sich das rumgesprochen. Einiges davon turnt mich auch selber an, zum Beispiel die Gschichten mit verbunden Augen und gefesselt und dann die Klamotten zerstört zu bekommen. Von Allem was ich so “treibe” ist das ripping jedoch nur eine kleine Nische, es äußern sich hier interessanterwweise aber hauptsächlich nur Anhänger davon … GERNE MEHR von Leuten wie Dir !! xxx TRIN

Narayan — June 28, 2009 @ 8:00 am

Hi Trin adorable I think that my cuckold fantasies are soo much better when I watch your video and images. You look absolutely adorable I am stunned.



larry — June 26, 2010 @ 7:34 am

Trin anytime you have a blouse thats expendable you know what to do with it! 😉

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