23 May 2010, Trinity @ 10:48 am

Hello. PLEASE EVERYONE who is a fan of me and has a myspace site BEFRIEND me at

no matter if you are a crossdresser, male, female, fetishist or “just” a fan !


… strange somehow but in a nice way…
31 January 2009, Trinity @ 4:20 pm

what´s that supposed to mean ?

well, i am trying to make a long story short … about 9 years ago, shortly after i launched my fetish website i joined a camgirl network where many ladies were participating and doing their camshows. I was one fo the very few girls from europe – they were mostly all from the USA. On of the many other ladies there was Rachel Aziani. So i knew she “was there” .. and back then she and her husband were aware of me and marc also. We never talked, never had any contact except the one or other support related camhouse issue.

Some years later Rachel and her husband obviously decided to “go big” and get deeper into the adult internet business, also launched another website where they shoot Americas most beautiful adult stars and starlets. Pretty ladies, very good work.

Like me Rachel still has her own website. 4 years ago we wanted to write them because there were some things on our minds we wanted to ask them and talk to them. We never wrote.

So when i started writing my BLOG i felt a bit insecure about how to use a Blog and its features. So we “lured” if Rachel may have a Blog and of course she has one.

I started reading it and liking it more day by day. In a time with one of my dogs being real sick after surgery etc. i was so happy to read about her personal life and interest and found so many common things it was realy strange and amazing. Also how much she loves and cares for animals and her own dogs … i kept reading and although we never met her and her husband in person so far i started to really like her.

So finally we had to write to them – it turned out as a very long and personal email and i was worried it may seem a bit odd to her about the common ways and things in our lifes that i found but not at all – right the next day she wrote back to me and without going too much into personal details i have to say i like her even more now 🙂

We would really like to meet them some day .. who knows.

Check out Rachel´s site and her Blog if you like:

FINALLY ! – back to normal
29 January 2009, Trinity @ 7:09 am

Hello there,
well, it has been some days …. and finally everything is almost back to normal. I am living in a part more south of spain that was not affected from the the hurricanes as badly as the south of france and north of spain.
But our area was without electricity, phone and internet for 5 days. A part of the roof of our house is broken, stuff was flying around, electricity poles and trees across the streets etc.
The sound of the hurricane lifting a part of the roof and the tiels up and down, some of them smashing on the floor was pretty scare because i am not used to such weather conditions.
I got a small imagination of what some others have to deal with who live in areas with worse weather conditions and storms. So so more cleaning, a little bit of reconsturction and everything will be back to mormal.

Finally my whole site is finished
19 January 2009, Trinity @ 4:50 pm

Finally after more than 9 years being online the redesign and rebuild of my clothed sex fetish – clothing fetish – sex in clothes website is finished. The cool new design and tour is online since several weeks now but the members area stayed with the old look and feel until now.

That member area has now improved A LOT.

New better design, easy to navigate, every update previewed with a real screenshot or existing picture so you can always preview what sexy outfit i was wearing, what colour of my shiny satin blouse, what type of sex etc…

Also, since i have my onw server now and much higher bandwith, we took all the movies we ever shot and that were devided in many single pieces and clips, edited them again at higher qualtiy and offer then now a fully downloadable whole movies and episodes.

the fun thing about all the re-editing was that we even found fully clothed sex fetish movies, all satinblouse, nylon, stockings and pantyhose related that we actually never posted in full because of bandwith restrictions.

one of those for example was a satin office sex movie where i was dressed like the most conservative but tempting busty secretary ever. i was wearing a long pleated skirt with a very tight and shiny design satin blouse and a satin bodystocking underneath. that bodystocking alone was pure mature sex style lingerie. And i have worn that one over a ultrashiny tan pantyhose wich i had crotchless under the hook and eye closure of the bodystock.

i was seduced by the collegue at the office, lots of fondling and touching of the shiny fabric and cloth, i was waking his dick while i stayed fully clothed, i remained dressed while he was feeling me up my skirt and running his hands over my satin covered butt.

fucking, sucking, finger fucking … all dressed up and at the end he wanked his cock on my pantyhosed satin ass and spilled his cum all over.

with one of my big tits hanging over my satin blouse i even masturbated afterwards and cum again.

a must see we had forgotten ourselves !

enjoy on my site … below some tiny small but real screenshots from the acutal movie.






Back and healthy again
18 January 2009, Trinity @ 2:49 pm


i am not sure how many are already reading my BLOG or finding it by web search – we have not yet started promoting the Blog because we wanted to put some LIFE in it before its online and publically viewed by many. I intend to post at least a little bit every day or every second day if possible. Some of my fans know that i have been quite ill recently but here´s the proof that i am much better now. Thank you for your emails and concerns. I am outdoors again as much as i can and as much as my regular work and website work allows.



and HEY ! … i started shooting again and we have produced some quite kinky stuff … i told you about all the shiny clothing i got as a gift from a fan that he wants me to rip and shred. I found a solution for that which i really really enjoyed .. you´ll see some teasers later on but for the good stuff you should of course visit my FETISH SITE

xxx, trinity

27 December 2008, Trinity @ 7:07 pm

hello fetish world, members and fans.

a late merry christmas and an early healthy and prosperous 2009 from me, trinity, your satin and nylon SEX and fetish MILF.

I wish i could post a nice sexy santa picture of me in tight shiny red satin blouse, short white satin skirt, sexy red stockings and fuck me patent pumps .. something like that but unfortunately i was sick in bed for days. no shoot, no regular work, no work on my trinity clothed sex fetish website possible.

but i am back – hopefully for good and i will start shooting new kinky stuff these days. Living in a very sunny country i may be able to do some supershiny outdoor satin and pantyhose stuff these days, along with HD fetish videos in public … some peeing outdoors in new shiny satin capripants i bought, i have many satin and nylon ripping fetish requests and i plan to do some of that outdoors. there have been a lot of satin ripping fetih requests recently and one member was so kind to send me a box of kinky shiny stuff, all kind of blouses, skirts, blazers, jackets, stockings, lingerie and many more and he wants me to rip it all and tear it in pieces. that´ll be fun because i did not have to pay for the nice things 🙂

anyway … i am healthy again, unfortunately my female dog cookie is not. she had a severe liver surgery some days ago for liver tumors. good ones though but still i am very worried.

so i could not take a third dog in from a shelter as i was planning so far … have to wait a bit.



Do you love animals ?
18 December 2008, Trinity @ 4:52 pm

I do and i hope you do so too ! I love most of them and the ones i dont love or dont love too much, like scary or gross ones, i respect them at least.

If you do so,  you are on your best way to gain my friendship. I dont have children and i wont ever have ones. Being 35 years old i would not have too much time left anyway for kids. my 2 dogs are like kids to me.  I spoil them and even if there sometimes is no free time i always have to spend time with my dogs outside.

The 11 year old female is called COOKIE. She is a Parson Jack Russel Terrier and as crazy and brave as she is lovely. I have her since she was a puppy 8 weeks old. I got her from a breeder with pedigree BUT I SWEAR i would never purchase a dog again ever.

I am involved in voluntary animal and dog rescue in spain where countless dogs, cats and animals are treated unethically, live and die on the streets or spend their lifetime in filthy shelters if they are not killed in kill shelters.

There are so many dogs and cats waiting for a home that you MUST NOT buy a puppy or an adult dog or cat.  I have my other dog from one of those shelters. 3 years ago we have picked him up from a shelter ath the age of 1,5 years. DJANGO is a crossbreed between a pitbull and a rhodesian rhidgeback.  He would not harm a thing and he is thankful every day again that we have adopted him.

If you think about getting an animal yourself – please go to your local shelter or a shelter somewhere and pick one there.

I am also thinking about getting a third one – i cant get TYSON out of my head who is a 7 year old pitbull sitting behind bars since more than 3 years. I have to see how the 3 might get along with each other.

I´ll keep you posted 🙂