HAPPY NEW YEAR .. or .. a hairy secretary
16 January 2012, Trinity @ 10:25 am

so it´s 2012 now and i am a little late for my new years wishes but i hope they do still count. I was very busy working on my new years surprise for all of you and i am VERY anxious to know how you like it.

So what´s the deal Ms. Trinity you may ask yourself now … what you got for us ?

Well, i dolled myself up EXTRA milf-ish as a super shiny sexy secretary. With loads of makeup, sexy glasses, a shiny satin blouse with an abundance of ruffles framing my tits, a shiny satin skirt and new pumps that i HAD to buy.

very sexy satin secretary

very sexy satin secretary

“so what´s the deal Ms Trinity ?” you may think … “what´s special with it ? Shiny as usual, sexy as usual … ok, the stockings worn underneath the shiny pantyhose is somehting you are not wearing too often although its hot and sexy” !!??

so look close:

a sexy hairy secretary

a sexy hairy secretary

YES you looked right ! …. your favorite clothed sex fetish MILF is hairy now. I was very busy with trade shows, my online shop business and fighting my anual christmas flu that i took the chance to grow some hair down there 🙂

Î did this for 2 reasons:

I was encouraged by many emails i received over the years where people told me how much they´d like to see me “hairy” … how much more “ladylike, mature, kinky + sophisticated” that would look on me and my ways of dressing up. AND i was curious myself how it would look like and what people might think.

To be honest i LOVE my big meaty pussy lips silky and bald … i thougt i could never have it different but i was quite surprised about the lady-ish looks with hair between the legs and also about the soft and silky touch of it. I shaved since i was 17. I am still hairy while i am typing this, i aleady shot some kinky photosets and movies with that new look and i will again do so. But let´s call it my winter-style for now, i will definitely wax / shave again soon but every once in a while i will repeat that interesting experiment. I never liked SCARY HAIRY on women but some ladies do look much sexier hairy with their matching style and looks. It´s a matter of personal taste and liking, some people have a hairy fetish while its disgusting for others.

I am very curious what you think so please feel free to post your opinion !

For those who have not been a member to my fully clothed sex fetish website so far, maybe thats what they needed to finally join and not just lurk around for freebies 🙂 … and to give you chance to slightly imagine how kinky things get with the hairy secretary check out the next picture below. Not to mention the hot dirty talking jerkoff instructions and masturbation video of me dressed like that … then there is a conservative teacher, a horny clubslut, a pantyhose milf and lots more to come during project “hairy”

let me know.

xxx, Trinity

horny hairy milf in satin blouse, stockings and pantyhose

horny hairy milf in satin blouse, stockings and pantyhose

BRA or no BRA ?
18 December 2008, Trinity @ 11:23 am

there is one thing i always wanted to know amongst some others – how do you prefer a lady to wear her blouses – with a bra underneath or without a bra ? I would like to hear from you about it PLEASE !

For me in most cases i love to wear no bra for many reasons. With a tight top or blouse i just love the nipple effect and because the boobs appear to be even fuller. Its the same with other ladies that i like to watch and admire. With a more loose fit blouse i love to unbutton it a bit which enhances the swaying and bouncing of the tits when i walk or other ladies walk, also there is always a good chance to get a glimpse at the boobies when bending forwards. BUT with while blouses, mostly silk ones i love to wear black lace bras underneath because the different colour and rough edges of the lace gets visible underneath. White and other colours too. With a modern cut blouse that does not button up all the way, with a V-neck cleavage i love too see a bra underneath also those ones are suited perfectly for just exposing the tits bare naked without a bra.

Well, – let me know what you think about it yourself !